Paintings and Drawings by Malem Professional Artist

Being a professional illustrator, I love to draw and paint horses. All my paintings are freehand drawn to allow me to put my personal touch. I love to use multiple mediums like China ink, watercolour pencils, watercolour, acrylics, digital, etc. But it is oil paint that I prefer. The biggest horse oil paintings are the ones that I enjoy creating the most.

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Dancing in the Storm (andalusian painting by Malem)

Dancing in the Storm

oil on canvas
24" x 48"
Force and Beauty into Action (Frieisan Horse Painting by Malem)

Force and Beauty into Action

oil on canvas (Friesian Stallion portrait)
16 x 20
Winter Dreams (white horse painting by Malem)

Winter Dreams

oil on canvas
16 x 20
Farouk (Canadian Horse Painting by Malem)


oil on canvas (Canadian Horse portrait)
24" x 36"

Brandy's Rose (Appaloosa horse painting by Malem)

Brandy's Rose

ooil on canvas (Appaloosa portrait)
24" x 36"

Evanescence - white winged horse (Pegasus) by Malem

oil on canvas
36" x 60"

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