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Andalusian Horse Silver Pendant

This is a silver pendant cast from my original sculpture of an Andalusian (pura raza espanola) Horse by Malem. My favourite breed!

Manually finished by Malem, polished, a patina is then applied and the piece is polished again to give it an antique look and make sure the fine details of my work stand out. Sometimes the patina has a blueish sheen.

.925 silver pendant of great quality.

The Andalusian Horse
A lovely breed from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of years. Noble, elegant, athletic, this breed excels at High School spectacular moves. With a dreamlike long mane and tail, it seems to emerge of a fairy tale. Sensitive, loving, devoted, this heart thief becomes a very loyal friend. Aiming to please, he is a devoted partner for whom wins his trust and knows how to ear him or her whisper.

Size: 1 pouce de haut

Price: 89.00


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